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Meet Elliott Crichfield - Your Annuities Expert and Trusted Friend

Elliott Crichfield is a entrepreneur, mentor, leader and financial coach. As founder and agency owner of The ESC Group, Elliott coaches other aspiring entrepreneurs while also leading a team of financial professionals within his organization.

Elliott grew up in his home town of Eighty Four, Pennsylvania. At the age of 17 years old he enlisted in the United States Military, and left for Infantry Basic Training in Ft. Benning GA, days after graduating High School. Serving as a Senior Non-Commission Officer in the Army National Guard, he was promoted to a leadership role early in his career which provided the foundation of his leadership philosophy, while also cementing his passion for leading and developing people.

Elliott started his business career in Sports Industry upon graduation from West Virginia University. After a successful decade long career working in Sports & Entertainment, serving in various roles for major brands such as the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, owner of the Denver Nuggets (NBA), Colorado Avalanche (NHL), Colorado Rapids (MLS), and Colorado Mammoth (NLL), Elliott transitioned his career into the Financial Services Industry with the goal of creating a greater impact by helping families reach their financial dreams, while mentoring and coaching others on what it takes to become a champion in all areas of life.

Elliott currently resides in Parker, Colorado, he and his wife are proud parents of their daughter.

Why Choose Elliott Crichfield with The ESC Group?

Expert Guidance

Elliott Crichfield, and our team of financial experts are dedicated to providing personalized guidance to help you make informed decisions. We understand that everyone's financial situation is unique, and we are committed to tailoring our solutions to meet your needs.

Commitment to Transparency

At The ESC Group, transparency is key. We believe in open communication and ensuring that you have a clear understanding of your annuity products. No hidden fees or surprises – just a straightforward approach to securing your financial well-being.

Customer-Centric Approach

Your satisfaction is our priority. We strive to exceed your expectations by offering top-notch customer service and ongoing support. Count on The ESC Group to be with you every step of the way on your financial journey

Types of Annuities

Lifetime Income Annuities

Secure your financial future with our Lifetime Income Annuities. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you'll receive a steady and reliable income for the rest of your life. Whether you're planning for retirement or looking to enhance your financial stability, our annuity products are tailored to suit your goals.

Types of Annuities

Fixed Income Annuities

Stability and predictability are at the core of our Fixed Annuities. With guaranteed interest rates, your investment remains secure, providing you with a consistent source of income. Explore the benefits of fixed annuities for a worry-free financial journey.

Annuities 101

Annuities are often misunderstood and even misrepresented. At The ESC Group, we educate people of the truth about annuities, and make seemingly complex products easy to understand.

How do fixed annuities grow?

Everybody wants to know how they're going to make money. Working with The ESC Group, it's not a secret. We educate people on the different ways that their accounts can grow without ever losing money due to market volatility.

Our Leadership Team

Our Focus

The ESC Group is committed to facing “The Storm” of addressing a major problem this country has head on. Millions of families are hurting financially, they don’t know how money works, they lack financial education, they’re not saving money, and someone has to do something about it. There's millions of individuals, business owners, and entrepreneurs who feel limited in their careers. They don’t have the opportunity to earn more income, to scale, to grow, to make a difference, to not be stressed on the amount of time and money it takes to be successful.

Our Mission

We intend to build the greatest movement for entrepreneurship while also solving the financial epidemic that plagues millions across the country. We exist to help people dream again, and to make their dreams come true by collaborating with our agency, and doing business with our firm.

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